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Local Vegetable

Fresh Vegetables

Royl Acres Farm is a beautiful farm in Grey Highlands that produces fresh seasonal vegetables. Our produce is available farm-to-gate via a fresh farm box pickup and is also served in local restaurants. Royl Acres Farm commitment to sustainable farming practices ensures our local vegetables are delicious, good for you, and good for the environment.

  • 100% Natural
  • Fresh veggie box
  • Local seasonal vegetables
Local Produce

Royl Acres Farm Fresh Menu


Veggie box feeds a family of four for the weekend.


Acres of beautiful Grey Highlands farmland.


Loveable friendly attention seeking cute dog.


Litre jug of Royl Acres Farm maple syrup is the sweetest gift.

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100% Organic Grown Veggies

Organic veggies grown in Grey Highlands

Payment e-Transfer

Royl Acres Farm only accepts e-Transfers at our farm-to-gate checkout. When payment is received we fill your online order.

Completly 100% Fresh

Our farm fresh veggie box, free range chicken eggs, sweet honey, and maple syrup is 100% Grey Highlands fresh.

Farmgate Pickup

Your farmgate pickup time is important to us. To ensure 100% freshness we donate produce not picked up time to our local foodbank.